Purr, Kitty, Purr—Sid King & The Five Strings

What cute little ditty—wish I had a tomcat :3 

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I’m in an eighties club mode today.

Annette Funicello—Tall Paul

I love this song. I hope you do too!

The Puppini Sisters-Mr. Sandman

Loooove this song. So feeling it right now. It’s so cute and perky and fun! 

Jimmy Jimmy—Madonna

"Keep on Lovin’ You" is one of my favorite love songs ever. Yes, it’s corny, but honestly, what love song isn’t? 

It’s a disco kinda night, really. 

mmmhmm. Loved this song when I was in college. I miss the old Pipettes. 

Holy hell, I totally forgot I had this in my music collection. It’s a rerecorded version of the theme from A Summer Place. It still has the drama of a fifties movie theme, but set to a disco beat. It’s fantastic. 

Sunday Kind of Love—Etta James

Rest in Peace, Ms. James. 

Let Her In-John Travolta

Yep. John Travolta’s singing prowess was not limited to Grease or the 2007 film version of Hairspray. He had a minor hit with this beautiful ballad in 1976, during his Sweathog days. If you’re not swooning (or laughing) by the end of this song, then something is wrong with you.